Teampall Croí na Mara

Our temple Croí na Mara, Heart of the Sea provides a safe place to embrace the path of self-healing, development and discovery within the ancient cosmology and healing arts of Ireland.

We are an internationally accredited training provider, our training courses are registered with the Complementary Medical Association. 


Healing and Learning



Croí na Mara Therapy Sessions


Learn more about the Croí na Mara online therapy sessions. Healing sessions are a unique blend of traditional and energy healing modalities, gently channelled to meet clients needs. Skills based coaching is available for those who would like support working through long-term life changes and deep healing. 

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Live Online Events and Workshops


Learn about the sessions and short courses offered at Teampall Croí na Mara and discover the right one to meet your interest and needs. Our upcoming options include the Ancients and Us, Ancestral Healing and our Foundation Healing Course. 

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Healing Arts Apprenticeship


Do you have a calling to connect deeper with the indigenous Irish medicine and ancient shamanic ways of Ireland? This journey takes you in stages from self-healing to connecting deeply with your calling and healing gifts, learning how to hold healing spaces privately and as a practitioner.


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Teampall Croí na Mara Community

$25 per month

Exclusive Membership Benefits

  • Become an Earth Keeper: We plant a native tree in your name each month as part of our action towards sustainable biodiversity in the West of Ireland.
  • 10% Member Discount 
  • Monthly Ancient And Us Live Sessions
  • Weekly Member-Only Video Guidance
  • 6 Month and 1 Year Membership options are available at discounted rates. 
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Awaken Your Sacred Song

We all have a sacred sound, a frequency found deep within our heart that resonates with the essence of our being and the oneness of the sacred world around us.

This guided journey takes you into the deep waters to connect with the sacred creative life force of the sea, the divine mother of the deep, to awaken and rediscover your own sacred song.

Awakening The Sacred Song Within
Journey To The Sacred Waters


Listen to some more guided meditative journeys to help you relax, heal and reconnect with the essence of your being. 

Mother Earth
Healing Earth Meditation
Alignment and Healing
Healing Fire Of Transmutation

Lisa Gallagher


"We are not here to live in a self-designed human world. We are here to fully experience, learn and embody not only a human way of being, but a human being one with the natural world around us. Here, we learn to surrender, to gently wash away generations of past pain until we relearn the path inwards and the peaceful joy that comes from existing in harmony with all aspects of ourselves, nature and the cosmos."

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Catch My Carbon

Teampall Croí na Mara has partnered with Catch my Carbon to promote sustainable biodiversity in the West of Ireland. We plant one tree per month for all our Croí na Mara members.

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