Croí na Mara

A Circle Of Learning & Growth 


Tuath Croí na Mara is a learning space created to nurture the healing and learning process through exploration of themes within a safe group setting. 

It is inspired by the folk tradition of sitting around a warm fire on a dark evening, with tea, storytelling and wisdom flowing.

It has been created with the intention to bring those together who would like to foster a deeper connection with their ancestral roots.

With only the seas between us, we strengthen the bridges built between the land here at home and abroad, our online circles allowing us to sit both with friends down the road and those who are descendants from our ancestors neighbours, friends and family that left these shores generations ago.

We keep a place around the fire for anyone who would like to deepen their connection with the Irish healing, mythological and folklore traditions.  

A Balanced Exchange


The Irish Healing Arts tradition is deeply rooted in earth-based practices, the natural world and understanding the elements within and around us. It is a journey of exploration of both our place within the natural world and learning how to thrive within it. 

Every day we walk the land, we participate in a sacred exchange, consciously or subconsciously. We receive support, grounding, healing and the peace and gratitude we feel is sent out to the land around us. 

Our healing path, therefore, is deeply intertwined with the natural world. For us to thrive, nature must also thrive. 

At Croí na Mara, we commit to planting one tree per person for every month of membership. We do this in partnership with Catch my Carbon in Westport, Co. Mayo. They are passionate about promoting sustainable biodiversity in the west of Ireland and work with landowners who have donated land to create native Irish woodlands. 

These woodlands thrive on locally owned family lands and are protected from commercial use or deforestation.  

A wonderful example of the power of community and the coming together of skills and resources to protect our natural world.  


Tuath Croí na Mara

Embarking on a path of healing and connection


We come from a oral tradition of passing teachings, advice and ways of healing through storytelling, song and the exploration of symbolism and themes. 

Every story, character, mythological creature, god and goddess has wisdom to share and provokes us to reflect deeper within ourselves to heal, understand or observe, as we see aspects of ourselves reflected in each one. 

Our community space combines learning circles with community sharing circles with the aim to foster both the space to learn and heal, along with the opportunity to share, express and develop connections with others in the community. 

Tuath Learning Circle

At the start of the month, we hold a learning circle where we explore a tool, skill or practice to support us on our healing and wellbeing journey taught to use through the wisdom and healing energies of the ancient teacher trees, plants and beings. 

The themes covered are revised on a yearly basis to allow for continued learning.

Dark Moon Circles

On the night of the dark (new) moon during the months of no festivals or ceremony days, we will gather for a sharing circle and journey with a god or goddess of the ancient mythological and spiritual traditions of Ireland.

These circles are created to be inflow, with a loose structure to allow space for what is naturally arising within the community for healing or support.

Ancient Ceremonies

During the months where our ancient festivals naturally fall, we gather to hold and online ceremony of the festival day for members of the community. This provides an opportunity to experience the energies and teachings of each festival throughout the year. 


Our tradition and healing practices are based strongly within the natural world and elements. Nature heals us, and so we also have a responsibility towards protecting sustainability biodiversity around us. A native Irish tree is planted in your name every month along the west of Ireland to maintain the sacred balance of exchange with the natural world.


As part of the community, you will have access to our community forum and learning space. Here you will find recordings of recent circles, monthly challenges and the opportunity to share, comment and exchange with other community members.

Croí na Mara Healing Space

Tuath Croí na Mara members receive one-to-one support as needed on their healing journey. This can be in the form of a personal video response to a question, a short mentoring session or a healing and alignment session to release deeper blocks, disharmony, ancestral healing, rebirth and soul retrieval. 

Transcending Space


This is an online learning community that embraces flexible learning and bridging the distance between us through virtual gatherings. 

As a member, you receive your own login and access to the community interactive forum where you can join our live sessions, take part in community challenges and talk to other community members. 

Our learning circles take place through a private group session, with the recordings available to watch back in case you are unable to attend live. 

Challenges and any resources supporting our learning circles can also be found in the community portal. 

The rest is up to your. The space has been created to provide an interactive learning experience. It is now up to you to participate fully and make the most of your learning and healing experience here! 

Active Learning And Participation


There is a tendency within us to sign up for online courses or learning spaces and watch bits and pieces back when it is convenient. 

While this has its advantages, this approach is not aligned with self-development and healing. The Irish Healing Arts, whether through our monthly membership or courses, is a process of embodiment of learning and developing a more aligned relationship with ourselves and a healthier life-balance. This requires a level of commitment of self to show up, practice and interact regularly to see tangible results.  

Here there are many ways to show up and take part in the interactive learning space. You can join our live circles, exchange and ask questions in our learning circle group chat, complete challenges and receive one-to-one support where needed. 

Like any lifestyle change, there can be resistance at times. Sometimes this means working through that resistance and sometimes it means stepping back and taking a break for a while. You can pause access to the our learning community at any time. 

At Croí na Mara, our focus is on delivering a safe space to learn and healing, and guiding our members, students and clients towards success and a higher state of wellbeing. We prefer not to have dormant members who are registered but inactive as this can create a element of stagnant energy in the learning space. 

Memberships that remain inactive without reason will be cancelled.

Tuath Croí na Mara

A community of healing, learning and growth within the healing, spiritual and folk traditions of Ireland. 



Per Month

  • Monthly Full Member Access
  • Tuath Learning Circles
  • Dark Moon Circles
  • Ancient Ceremonies (Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Bealtaine, Summer Solstice, Lughnasadh, Autumn Equinox, Samhain, Winter Solstice)
  • Croí na Mara Healing Space: One-to-One Healing and Mentoring Support
  • Dynamic Community Space with Interactive Challenges
  • Native Irish Trees planted in your name each month
  • Access to past recordings from 2023 onwards