Croí na Mara Healing and Training

Teampall Croí na Mara was created as a safe space to heal, learn and grow into our authentic selves and align with our purpose. 

The healing and vocational journey is created in alignment with Indigenous Irish Medicine, the ancient shamanic ways of Ireland. It involves a deep commitment to self-healing and growth, a willingness to move past comfort zones and embrace the authentic self and sense of purpose. 

The medicine of the land, the sea and the sky are incorporated into all levels of training, at the varying levels of depth and understanding.

Each cycle incorporates the seasons, the elements, astronomical events and building a relationship with the ancient teachers and medicine keepers of Ireland. You are asked to walk the natural cycle of the year at least once before moving onto the next stage of training.

At every stage of your journey you are asked to maintain a high level of respect and integrity for the medicine, the teachings and the other members of the community, seen and unseen.  

The Cycles of Healing and Growth

When you heal yourself...

The journey begins with healing the self. As you walk through the elements of the natural cycles, you become aware of both those elements within yourself and also the aspects of yourself that need to be healed, realigned and sometimes released in order to move forward on your life's path.

This cycle of healing and growth is an essential part of connecting with the elements of the indigenous Irish medicine and bringing awareness to your own paths, the one of self-healing and the one of a healer. 

It is recommended to have completed the Foundation Healing Course prior to the Self-Healing Cycle. can support in the healing of others.

This journey begins when you feel a calling to learn healing techniques and practices within the indigenous energies of the Irish tradition.

This journey requires dedication, practical implementation of the techniques taught and a deeper commitment to your own personal healing journey, a necessary component of maintaining the vibration required to hold space for others. 

Those who complete this cycle can choose to accept an initiation as a bean/fear feasa and work at a therapist level. 

The Calling

This journey begins when you are deeply called by spirit to take your vows to the aspect of the medicine and teachings that are directly linked to your own life path and purpose.

This involves a deeper healing process to release any layers which may be preventing you from living authentically. This also involves deeply connecting to aspects of our indigenous medicine that you are called to work with.

Women may take answer the calling to become initiated as a Priestess and take a vow to be in service to the community in alignment with their path. Priestess training involves deep healing of the feminine and womb and the learning of techniques and medicine to help heal and awaken the divine feminine.  

You are mentored through this process which is experienced quite uniquely by each person. Those who complete this cycle can choose to accept an initiation appropriate to the path and medicine they are guided to work with.

The Relationship Between Humanity and The Otherworld

To walk this path is to walk among the land, the sea and the sky beings. To be one with them, working together on one collective goal. Worlds apart, but of the same heart.

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Walking The Sacred Path

The Beginning Of A New Cycle

A new cycle may begin at Samhain or at Imbolc. Some are deeply guided to begin at certain times of year, depending on the aspects of the medicine that resonates more deeply with them.

Please bear in mind that it may not always be possible to facilitate your preferred start date in the year you request. You will then have the option to begin at an alternative time or wait until the following year.   

Next Course Start Date: Our Self-Healing Cycle will begin at Imbolc (February) 2022.

If you would like to apply to join, please email [email protected] to arrange a consultation call. 

Foundation Healing Course

Start Date To Be Announced

The Foundation Healing Course takes place online over two weekends spaced one month apart. During this course, you will receive an introduction into the Irish tradition and basic shamanic techniques to help create a solid foundation for you to begin on the self healing cycle.

This online course provides an in-depth foundation to safe practices within the realms of your own self-development, self-care and wellbeing routine.

You are introduced to the following aspects of healing:

The safe opening of sacred space

Clearing and aligning our energetic bodies

Sustaining our energy, vibration and wellbeing

Releasing old emotions and patterns

Living from the heart


Deepening our relationship with sacred water and earth

Spirit guides, plant and animal allies

Moon Cycles

The Divine Masculine and Feminine

Ceremony and Sound

To feel the full benefits of the course, practice and a consistent dedication of time and energy is recommended. Participants receive access to recorded journeys in-between weekends to help practice and deepen their experience with jouneying.

Teampall Croí na Mara is an IPHM Approved Training Provider. Participants who complete the course will receive a certification of completion. 

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Deciding on the right training for you and the right teacher can be a journey in itself.

If you feel the approach at Teampall Croí na Mara resonates with you and you would like to discuss your options, you can request a free fifteen minute call by emailing Lisa directly at [email protected] or by filling out the contact form below.