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Our journey of healing is deep and continuous. We heal in layers, moving gradually deeper and inwards towards the centre where we meet the essence of ourselves - our authentic expression of self.

Therapy sessions are supported by training within the Irish tradition, combining ancient teachings, sound and natural therapeutics. Lisa at Teampall Croí na Mara facilitates sessions as part of her vocational work as a Bean Feasa. Her therapy sessions create a unique blend as guided by the individual needs of her clients. 

The healing elements of the sky, sea and land are incorporated, helping to align our energies with the natural elements around us, gradually bringing us into harmony with the natural world and aligned with our unique life path.


The depth of the therapy session can bring channelled guidance and assistance from spiritual or ancestral guides, who can help you to align with your life and soul purpose.


Healing Art processes such as Ancestral Healing, Soul Retrieval, Energy Release and Alignment and Rebirth Journeying can create a deep energetic healing experience.


The release of denser energies provides the opportunity to raise your vibration and deepen your connection with your higher self, bringing fresh insight and perspective.


When we are aligned with our authentic selves and with our life path we feel at peace, in flow and in harmony. Sometimes we can encounter life lessons that can throw us off our path and create cycles of trauma, pain and destructive patterns, leading to disharmony in our lives. Therapy sessions are an opportunity to heal and release the root of disharmony and realign with your soul purpose and life’s path.

Ancestral Healing

Ancestral healing helps us to move past the old energies of disempowerment within our ancestral lineages, dissolving the patterns and imprints they have created within us. The intention is to bring reconciliation, reconnection and harmony to the our lineage and land within ourselves. 

Ancestral healing, particularly here in the west of Ireland, tends to bring acknowledgement and release of patterns around scarcity, oppression, disempowerment, fertility and abundance within the land, along with conflict and fears around shelter and safety, ancestral curses and energetic contracts placed upon the family, people, clan or ancestral land. 

This healing process tends to be intensive and profound. It combines energetically clearing and aligning seven generations, removing ill intent and curses and old trauma wounds that may have found themselves energetically imprinted with our own being. For our ancestors, we acknowledge them and the lives they lived, prepare an offering or send-off as needed and help them to release their attachment to this land and lineage so they may continue their own soul journey in peace. 

Ancestral healing is often carried out during Samhain, however it can take place at anytime of year. 

Your space is sacred...


At Teampall Croí na Mara, I have created a safe private space for every client. Within this space you can:

  • Prepare for your session and join our live call (no zoom links)
  • Request part, or all, of your session to be recorded. This can be held within your own password-protected space
  • Add your own personal notes and keep your session resources and healing journey at Teampall Croí na Mara in one space
  • Book future sessions

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If you would like to book a therapy session the traditional way, discuss your options or have a question that has not been answered above, please contact Lisa at [email protected] or by phone at +353 (0) 85 223 4822.