Community Perspectives

Listen and read about the experiences of those who are currently training with us and those who have participated in past events, courses and therapy sessions.



I had extraordinary privilege of attending a wondrous healing & spiritual day, in the company of supportive, loving, group members amidst the beautiful surrounds of Mt Falcon Estate. Positively transcendental. Lisa is a gifted facilitator, thoughtful, generous & I highly recommend her events as a personal growth experience.

(Wellbeing Retreat)


I would highly recommend Lisa! Her work is fantastic, pure and from the heart! Very in tune readings and her journeys with the land work are next level!

(Soul Reading and Land Healing)


A well held space and gentle facilitation through story telling and patience's. A solid and grounded experience. Lisa is the perfect guide and helped me orientate to understand my needs to move forward on an issue I was having. Thank you Lisa.

(Hike To Heal)


Lisa's gentle guidance and insight created a safe container for the experience and allowed me to go deep within myself while also taking in my surroundings and the presence of the people in my group. I appreciated the connections made by Lisa between nature and mental health and I am happy to have learned more about intention setting and integration when working through personal challenges.

(Hike To Heal)


Lisa is a beautiful soul and I would definitely recommend her. I feel renewed after our session. She has inspired me with her wisdom and knowledge and has helped me see things in myself that I’ve been neglecting . 10/10

(Shamanic Healing)


I really enjoyed the elemental journeys programme. In particular I loved the notepad in the fire meditation. Very cleansing. Thank you so much. I really feel they are helping me to reduce stress and feel more at peace with myself. Lisa has a wonderful grounding energy and is so compassionate in her approach to healing.

(Elemental Journeys Meditation Series)

Virtual Spiral Healing Circle Experience

Sharon Keane, a wise woman well on her way to embracing her vocation within the Indigenous Irish Medicine, penned this beautiful poem about the community circles and healing journey during a time of travel and gathering restrictions in Ireland. 

We’ve never been
In the same room
Yet we’ve gone to the moon
God bless zoom!
We never met but yet
We’ve stood side by side
With your demons and mine

We’re not related
By blood or by birth
Yet we share the same mother our Mother Earth
Our west side circle
Not forgetting Louise
Our friend overseas

We gather together
Through good and bad weather
With candles and blankets

In jammies with dogs 

With tea to tell stories
Of the weeks slog.

We set our intentions we open up space

there’s time to be heard here in this sacred place.
Our altars have flowers, our teachers are trees and when we need grounding we fall to our knees.

And drumming and leading
Us towards the May
Is Lisa the warrior leading our way

The Wind and the Willow
The Eagle soars by
The Phoenix it rises
The Morrigan fly

This circle of strangers
Who are now all firm friends
We’ll break bread in real life
When lockdown soon ends

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