Level One

Self-Healing Cycle 2022


Duration: Spring Equinox to Samhain

Face-To-Face Hours: 90 Hours

Online Modality Hours: 60 Hours

 Total Course Hours: 150 Hours

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The Self-Healing Journey

Our Self-Healing cycle has been created in alignment with the traditional Irish cycles of nature, the seasons and the ancient energies of the land. The focus of this course is self-healing, connecting to oneself and connecting with the natural world and cycles. It gently guides you through a healing journey in alignment with the natural cycles and growth processes of plants.

When it is time to plant seeds, you will learn to plant intention. As the seed germinates and pushes through the layers of soil and earth, you will heal and work through limiting belief systems, unhealthy habits and practise resilience. 

As the plant blooms and flourishes, you likewise turn your perspective outwards, applying your newly developed life-skills outwardly; through your work, your environment, your projects, learning to break free from inhibitions and to be in alignment with your authentic self. 

At harvest time, you will enter into a time of reflection, practising gratitude, reviewing the lessons and growth you have experienced throughout your journey. 

This is a pivotal time in the healing journey. As you look forward to the winter months, you have the opportunity to gather your tools and sit with any aspects within which may need healing and support ahead of the darker months. 

As the autumn equinox arrives, so too does the time to purify and cleanse ahead of Samhain. During this time, you have the opportunity to cleanse and release what is no longer in alignment with your highest good. This can also be a time of deep healing within the group and community, healing collective and ancestral blocks or wounds. 

At this stage, you have the opportunity to practice cleansing steams with native herbs (you will source these from a certified medical herbalist), learn to honour the ancestors and practice healing and dowsing for old energies and wounds as a community through our Ancestral Healing weekend. 

Those who complete and embrace the journey prepare for initiation into the medicine at Samhain, after which this cycle is brought to a close ahead of a time of rest, regeneration and integrating of your initiation and healing processes over the winter months. 

Hear From The Community

Listen as some of our community share their experiences on the Self-Healing journey in 2021.

Live Online Sessions and Self-Practice

There are a total of 11 workshop dates over the course of the cycle, with some additional group check-ins. Throughout the duration of the cycle, you will receive teachings and practices through the online course platform. This part of the course is equally as important as attending the live sessions and you are encouraged to allow time for self-practice and reflection both inwards and within your local natural environment. 

There will be no live online workshops or sessions in July or August and the teachings you will receive during this time will be focused on reflection and self-practice and practising awareness of the community around you and your own role within that. 

From the Autumn Equinox to Samhain, you will experience a deeper and more ceremonial and ritual based connection with the Irish healing arts. You will learn to create plant elixirs and essences throughout the course, connect to the natural world on an energetic level. You will experience cleansing rituals and practices supported by the native healing herbs around you in order to cleanse and purify ahead of the initiation process at Samhain. 

This is a challenging time, but also a deeply rewarding one. It provides you with the opportunity to really connect on a personal level to the essence of your own being and of the energies around you. You will also experience the ancient tradition of ceremony and awaken the medicine keeper within yourself.  

Our live group sessions will take place online to facilitate those who feel a deep calling to the indigenous healing arts of Ireland but may not be living locally or within the country. You are encouraged to attend the online workshops in an outdoor setting where possible, and create the time to develop your own relationship with the natural world and energies that are local to you throughout the cycle. 

Students who complete this cycle will then be prepared and have the option to continue on to become certified practitioners through our level two training cycle.

Course Accreditation

This course has been accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association) who are the leading professional association for complementary therapists internationally. Both Level One and Level Two has been reviewed and approved and Teampall Croí na Mara is now an accredited and registered college at the CMA. 


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