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Priestess Initiations & Training


As a collective, we are called upon to step away from the simple concept of the individual human and to take our place on our inter-galactic teams to work on our sacred missions, on our sacred purpose and divine path.

This space has been created following guidance to initiate and awaken the sacred energies within us that are required at this time to help with our Ascension journey and our alignment with our soul purpose and path.

This work is centred around ceremony, awakening seeds of consciousness within us, and around initiations within the sacred teachers of the land. It is perfectly complimentary to both Bean Feasa training or any previous training and work that you have done yourself on your own soul path.

We began with The Path Of The Divine Child, and now we continue on to our third initiation series with fire, where we work with the Goddess Brigit, awakening the sacred flame within us, and learning to navigate our lives from a higher perspective, transcending polarity, and embodying a state of both harmony and empowerment within our being. 

Samhain Initiations

Online & In-Person Initiation Ceremonies 

Samhain is a deeply sacred time of year, seeped in tradition and honouring of our ancestors, those beyond the veil and the final celebration and community gathering before winter. The last of the harvest would be completed at Samhain and the preparation for the return inwards, nesting into a cycle of dreamtime, connection to the otherworld and prophecy would begin. 

At Teampall Croí na Mara, Samhain is considered deeply sacred, and is the time of year most revered and prepared for. The winter process is so essential to our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing along with bringing an opportunity for deeper connection with the spirit realms and our higher selves.

Samhain is a time of purification and cleansing, protection and opening our channel for oracle and inner wisdom and guidance. It is a time to honour those who walked this path before us and a time of taking care of our needs, nurturing ourselves and releasing all that is not needed ahead of the winter return inwards.

Our ceremonies and initiations welcome in the energy, traditions and practices of this land, the teachings of the Goddesses associated with this time of year, blessing our ancestors, nurturing our soul and setting intention for a comfortable and protected during through the darker part of the natural cycle.

This year is particularly special, as we sit together in circle with the natural elements and beings, and within the comfortable, nurturing embrace of Kilronan Castle, in celebration and gratitude of the life carved out for us by the blessings and journey of our ancestors. 


5th November 2022

11 am to 2 pm (Online: Irish Time)

Initiation: Womb Centre Awakening And Alignment

Transcending Thresholds Between Realms

 Cleansing & Protection Practices

Goddess Teachings with The Morrigan

Kilronan Castle

7th November 2022

10 am to 6 pm, Co. Roscommon

A day of Sacred Temple Practices including Initiation, Sacred Oils, Cleansing & Purification.

Deep connection to the sacred waters within, through physical and energetic therapeutic processes.

Alignment & Nurturing through connection with earth outdoors and through our specially chosen menu for the day.

Initiation & Ceremony with the Goddesses of Winter

Goddess Teachings with The Morrigan

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Beannacht agus grá

Online Initiation Ceremony
Online & In-Person Ceremonies

Initiations at Teampall Croí na Mara

The initiations are guided, channeled and transmitted in alignment with the energies and ascension process that is taking place on a collective level. As we move into a time of higher frequencies and the oneness of unity consciousness, the initiations reflect the flow, harmony and gentle surrendering that is asked of us right now. 

At this moment in time, as I write this, I feel that the ancient festivals and times of astronomically alignment are powerful moments within our spiritual journey that provide a deepening of connection and awareness to the subtle cosmic energies that flow through this land, the seas and within us. 

Our initiation journey began during the energies of Bealtaine. I feel they will continue to present themselves at times of astronomical alignments and ancients ceremonies. 

At Teampall Croí na Mara, we offer a space for continuous learning. Our community membership offers a safe space to develop and grow our connection with the conscious energies of the ancient healing arts and ways of Ireland, with access to our monthly Ancients and Us sessions, along with other benefits. Our Healing Arts Foundation Training creates a space for continuous, self-paced learning within the natural cycles of the year, and you are welcome to join at any time and complete the learning cycle in your own time. 

The foundation of continued learning allows for whole surrendering to the flow of cosmic energies for the Priestess initiations. The sacred weavers of time and space weave their piece in divine timing. I feel honoured that Teampall Croí na Mara holds space for this process. To keep up to date with upcoming sessions, please check back often or sign up to our mailing list. 

May you be blessed as you journey.  

Lisa Gallagher

Founder of Teampall Croí na Mara

"It is time to rise with the ancient medicine and energies of the land, the seas and the skies of Éire. To embrace the sacred ways as they awaken within our very being."

Foundation Initiations

This series combines online sessions with in-person ceremonial initiations within the warm embrace of Eiriú. Completion of Module One online initiations (The Path Of The Divine Child) is recommended as it forms a foundation for our priestess training. Recordings are available to complete in your own time here. 

The Path Of The Divine Child Recordings