Online Workshops and Courses

Fire Initiations: Transcending Polarity

Priestess Training & Initiations

Our Lughnasadh initiations take place online over three days, as part of a series of Priestess Initiations facilitated at Teampall Croí na Mara. 
This work is centred around ceremony and awakening seeds of consciousness within us that resonate with the sacred cosmic teachings in the natural world around us.
This series involves working with the energy of fire, sacred flame initiations and teachings centred on transcending polarity and living from a higher perspective and consciousness. Recordings of initiation journeys will be made available. 
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The Healing Arts Foundation Training


Monthly Live Workshops and Membership Benefits Included

A continuous, self-paced learning journey of healing, self-development and connection with the healing arts. 

This journey combines a foundation and level one training, providing monthly online modules and live workshops. This course is a prerequisite for our Bean Feasa initiate training. 

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Ciorcal na mBan

Monthly Women's Circle

We have created a safe space for women to come together in community to simply be. Women supporting women. Sisterhood and the expansion of the divine feminine being within us. You don't need to be a practitioner, or even know how to meditate. You just need to be you and embody the beautiful being that you are.

Our circle is taking a break for the summer and will begin again on September 23rd.

Please contact [email protected] for the meeting link. 

Live Monthly Sessions:

The Ancients and Us

The Ancients and Us series takes us through a journey through the eyes of our ancestors and the ancient keepers of medicine and teachings of this land.

Join us as we sit once again around the community fire, and exchange tales of times gone by, embracing Irish symbology and mythology, honouring the teachings they hold.

Every time we meet, we set the intention to connect with one of the ancient teachers of wisdom and healing. The teachers take many forms. Sometimes they take the form of a tree, a plant or an ancient god or goddess. Sometimes the teacher is a symbol or a sacred site.

The Ancients and Us is a circle of learning, healing and growth which remains in flow. You are welcome to join one, some or all of the sessions as you feel guided. 

Each Ancients and Us session is two hours long and each one is focused on an aspect of inner healing and generally a being from the Irish tradition to support with that healing. This is a wonderful way to get a sense of connecting to the ancient energies and teachings of Ireland and an insight into the healing practices here at Teampall Croí na Mara. 

The Ancients and Us series are part of both our Community and Healing Arts Foundation Training membership. To learn more about each one, please follow the links below. 

Community Membership

Our community membership offers a range of benefits, including member discounts, weekly guidance emails and our Ancients and Us series. We plant one native Irish tree per month for each member as part of our partnership with Catch my Carbon. 

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Healing Arts Foundation Training

In addition to our member benefits, this includes monthly training modules and live workshops which are recorded and available through our interactive platform. 

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