The Croí na Mara Community

A community committed to self-development, healing and actively contributing to sustainable biodiversity and the needs of our natural world.  

As we heal, Mother Earth heals.

1 YEAR (SAVE $50)

Native Woodlands and Biodiversity

Teampall Croí na Mara has partnered with Catch my Carbon to take active steps in supporting biodiversity and carbon offsetting as a community. 

We pledge to plant one native Irish tree per month for each member in the West of Ireland.

Indigenous Irish Teachings

Our monthly sessions, The Ancients and Us is included in our membership. Members have the opportunity to delve into the world of the ancient Irish deity, healing and mythology in our theme based workshops. 

Recordings are available on our member portal for 28 days to watch back. 

Exclusive Member Benefits

Our members enjoy a 10% discount across all services and courses, including our vocational training. 

Members can also enjoy our exclusive community forum, hidden behind our secure log in system. 

"We live in a time of empowerment to create real change, to reflect upon our way of living and make real choices that benefit not only ourselves but also the natural world around us. 

Teampall Croí na Mara works to help make a difference to the local natural environment around us and to support members of our community to maintain their wellbeing, to develop personally and to build a deeper relationship with the natural world around us."

Lisa, Founder of Teampall Croí na Mara

Live Monthly Sessions:

The Ancients and Us

The Ancients and Us series takes us through a journey through the eyes of our ancestors and the ancient keepers of medicine and teachings of this land.

Join us as we sit once again around the community fire, and exchange tales of times gone by, embracing Irish symbology and mythology, honouring the teachings they hold.

Every time we meet, we set the intention to connect with one of the ancient teachers of wisdom and healing. The teachers take many forms. Sometimes they take the form of a tree, a plant or an ancient god or goddess. Sometimes the teacher is a symbol or a sacred site.

The Ancients and Us is a circle of learning, healing and growth which remains in flow. You are welcome to join one, some or all of the sessions as you feel guided. 

Each Ancients and Us session is two hours long and each one is focused on an aspect of inner healing and generally a being from the Irish tradition to support with that healing. This is a wonderful way to get a sense of connecting to the ancient energies and teachings of Ireland and an insight into the healing practices here at Teampall Croí na Mara. 

The Ancients and Us series are part of both our Community and Healing Arts Foundation Training membership.

Teampall Croí na Mara Membership

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1 YEAR (SAVE $50)