Healing Arts Foundation Training

Journey of the soul through the realms and time in the search for inner knowing and a deep connection to self and source.
Fáilte agus Beannacht.

Embarking On Your Journey...

The Healing Arts Foundation Training journey has been birthed to provide a continuous, self-paced and guided healing journey within the natural cycles of the year.  

It provides modules and workshops to deepen your understanding of the medicine within and around you, the cosmos and your place and purpose within it.

A module is made available for each month, and updated each cycle in keeping with the natural and cosmic energy updates. Within each module, we will hold a live healing workshop to to support members on their personal healing journey. This is a wonderful opportunity to seek guidance, ask questions and embrace the world of energetic and sacred healing here at Teampall Croí na Mara. 

Those who would like to approach the modules as part of their formal training may do so. There is a reflection option at the end of each module, where you have the opportunity to submit your own reflection of your journey through the module and workshops, along with your own healing experience. Upon completion of a full cycle, you will have a strong foundation and connection with the healing arts, which will allow you to approach our in depth practitioner or Bean Feasa training.

Our workshops will be recorded and available to watch back for those who are unable to attend in person. I am here to offer guidance and support throughout your journey. Please feel free to reach out if you feel you need to. I look forward to witnessing your journey of healing and growth. 

May you be blessed as you journey. 

Beannacht agus grá,


Interactive, Self-Paced Learning 

Your learner dashboard contains easy access to your course, including an interactive forum and comment section, workshop recordings and the latest modules as they are released each month. 

Access Member Benefits

As a participant in our Healing Arts Foundation Training, you automatically receive access to the benefits of our community membership. 

  • 10% member discount on all other courses and workshops.
  • €20 discount on Croí na Mara therapy sessions.
  • One Native Irish Tree planted in your name per month with Catch my Carbon. 
  • Access to the monthly Ancients and Us live sessions. 
  • Weekly Guidance Emails. 
  • Community Forum Access.

The Teampall Croí na Mara Vision

We live in a time of empowerment to create real change, to reflect upon our way of living and make real choices that benefit not only ourselves but also the natural world around us. The changes we are experiencing globally on an economic, social and environmental scale means that we are tasked with reflecting on our own personal life choices, such as the environment we choose to work and live in, the type of lifestyle we have and the values we take into consideration when making those life choices. 

Teampall Croí na Mara works to help make a difference to the local natural environment around us and to support members of our community to maintain their wellbeing, to develop personally and to build a deeper relationship with the natural world around us. 

We provide the space to develop spiritually and train within the Irish healing tradition and teachings, from foundation training to initiate, Bean Feasa and priestess sacred initations.


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