Healing Arts

Croí an Domhain

The Healing Arts Calling


The Healing Arts path is focused on an earth-based and elemental approach to healing, wellbeing and spiritual alignment.

It is a calling back to self. It is the unravelling of habits and ways that lead us down a path of burnout and illness. It is an unlearning of everything that is not us and building a deeper knowing of what is. 

It is a rehabilitation. A learning to life in a way that is natural for our bodies and soul to thrive in. 

It gradually takes us on a journey to understand the earth, the seas and waters, the planets and the skies. And those elements within ourselves.

 It is a remembering of what it means to be human within the expansive natural and cosmic space we live in. 

This path is developed within the native elements and terrain within and around us. It draws on wisdom and knowing that our ancestors developed through observation, presence and being an open channel with the elements of the worlds within and around them. 

Slí an Bhean Feasa


The role of the Bean Feasa is to support the community with her own developed and practiced skills, and to facilitate interaction between the spirit and human world, but being present in the "space in between".

This can involve healing, rites of passage, channelling and offering guidance. This can also mean sitting with another woman by the fire, with a cup of warm tea, in deep presence and support.  

The original Bean Feasa, ancient wise woman, who created physical form within the earth, is An Chailleach. She is the divine mother, the source of the creative force within the cosmos.

She created the mountains and from the mountains birth the fire and water within. Her breath is the consciousness that flows through us and around us. In the light form, she is Brigid. She holds the lands of the ancestors, watches over the animals and teaches us to go deeper in times of storms and winter.

She lives within each woman who evolves into the role of the Bean Feasa and emanates through them. 

Earth Cycle

Croí an Domhain

Earth-based practices and foundation in the Healing Arts

This cycle is dedicated to building a relationship with the elements and energies present within our natural world and the Healing Arts. As you walk the seasons, you gently observe the natural ebb and flow of your own energy and potential throughout the year, helping to create a sustainable balance between wellbeing and healing.

During this cycle you will:

  • Meet the core elements of the Healing Arts
  • Develop skills and tools to centre, align and channel
  • Develop a deeper knowing of who you are
  • Build the courage to release old patterns and bring your life into authentic alignment

The is a path of presence and felt experience. Self-reflection, journalling and developing your skills in your own time, outside of group circles and mentoring is not only recommended, but essential to truly embrace the path of the Healing Arts. 

The Light Half Of The Year With The Goddess Brigid

We journey through the light half of the year, from late spring to harvest with the Goddess Brigid, who represents fertility, vitality and expansion. 

The Dark Half Of The Year With The Goddess Cailleach

Our journey with the Cailleach takes us from late harvest to early spring, supporting our deep healing and teaching us to honour the land, the ancestors and our time here. 

The Ancient Irish Landscape

The greatest book written by our ancestors is the symbolic one held within the ancients sites and Irish landscape. We learn to listen and read its story through presence and the exploration of symbolism.

Ancient Irish Festivals And Ceremony

Our ancient festivals marked important agricultural moments within the natural cycle and transitions of significance for the ancients. We learn to honour each one through ceremony and ritual.


This is not a solitary path. It is one of community. Shared learning experience is central to your growth and expansion journey within the traditional healing arts.


I am here to support you throughout your journey, including the option to receive bi-monthly personal sessions and mentorship throughout your healing journey.


Our training approach combines incentives to self-led practice, with guided teachings, exercises and ceremony.

Learning Circles: A blend of online group sessions and sessions within the natural elements. Active learning takes place between Imbolc and Samhain, with reflective integration and community circles held during the winter months. 

Online Training: You will be guided through the learning journey with the support of our online training portal. During the active learning cycle, you will receive weekly teachings, expressed in storytelling form to reflect upon and deepen your awareness and conscious growth, along with a practice or tool to be working with throughout the week. 

Journalling: You will also receive a beautiful handmade journey to accompany you on your own walks and experiences within the Healing Arts.

Mentoring: I provide bi-monthly one-to-one sessions that support you on your personal journey of healing and learning.

Assessments: Each cycle allows for the natural evolution of the learning and healing journey. To successfully progress onto the second cycle, Croí na Mara, you will have contributed to community learning both online and in-person and have completed all relevant reflections and practices. A recommended allocation of at least five hours self-led practice per week is recommended to fully benefit from this course, along with a willingness to engage with the technology and online component of the training.

i mBroinn an Mháthairdhia

In the womb of the Mother Goddess

Our Healing Arts begin with a healing journey of return to alignment with the self and the natural world around us.

I mBroinn an Mháthairdhia is a foundational journey of learning and healing within the Healing Arts traditions of Ireland and including ceremonial connection and initiation with the cosmic divine mother, source, and her embodiment within the earths plane.

This is a self-led journey with recorded lessons and journeys, blended with monthly online circles and the option to join an in-person day of training and initiation within the natural elements and earth womb of the mother goddess.

Our in-person initiate days take place in May and September. Our online circles and course is open all year around and can be joined at any time. Click below to learn more and register.


Croí an Domhain

Begins September 2023

This is the first cycle of the Healing Arts apprenticeship. This can be taken as a stand alone earth-based healing journey or as part of your three-year apprenticeship path. I have curated two different healing packages to make this course as accessible as possible. 



Payment Plan Available

  •  The Light Half Of The Year With The Goddess Brigid (Bealtaine to Samhain)
  • The Dark Half Of The Year With The Cailleach (Samhain to Bealtaine)
  • Handmade Personalised Journal
  • Live Learning Circles (Online and In-Person)
  • Online Training Portal Access
  • Student Led Circles
  • Exclusive Interactive Healing Arts Community Portal  
  • 6 One-To-One Healing and Mentoring Sessions
  • 3 Year Access To Your Online Healing Arts Training Material And Recordings  



Payment Plan Available

  •  The Light Half Of The Year With The Goddess Brigid (Bealtaine to Samhain)
  • The Dark Half Of The Year With The Cailleach (Samhain to Bealtaine)
  • Live Learning Circles (Online and In-Person)
  • Online Training Portal Access
  • Student Led Circles
  • Exclusive Interactive Healing Arts Community Portal  
  • 6 One-To-One Healing and Mentoring Sessions
  • 3 Year Access To Your Online Healing Arts Training Material And Recordings 

In Addition You Receive:

  • An Exclusive Nutritional, Natural Therapeutics and Iridology Private Consultation Package developed by SanaOrganica to specifically support you on your Healing Arts journey (valued at €300)

Dee at Sana Organica has curated a wonderful Nutritional and Natural Therapeutic Package that blends with our Croí an Domhain and Healing Arts journey... 

During your consultation and follow-up, you receive an tailored nutrition and natural therapeutic plan, along with a complete iridology consultation (a natural diagnostic tool using the iris of the eye to identify areas of vital weakness and strength within the body, physically and emotionally).

Dee is a certified and accredited Master Herbalist, who studied native Irish plants and the medicinal properties of some of the Ogham trees, such as Hawthorn and Elder, and can create herbal tonics and protocols to further support your healing journey.

Download the PDF here to learn more about the process and Sana Organica. 

Sana Organica Nutrition Healing Package Information PDF (Click To Download)

Before You Begin...

This journey is not for everyone. The training at Teampall Croí na Mara is curated uniquely in alignment with our vision to preserve the integrity of the Healing Arts of Ireland. 

An immense amount of work has been carried out over the past number of years to honour this vision and vocation. Our students and members strive to uphold respect for the preservation of the Irish practices that remain with us. 

As practitioners, we actively contribute to the Irish Healing Arts and our actions and practice can have an affect on the reputation and standing of the Arts and the traditional practices of the land. 

This comes with a responsibility for each of us to maintain a high level of integrity in our work, a high level of respect for the land, the seas and the skies of Eiriú and continued dedication to our own vocation and vows taken within the tradition. 

Teampall Croí na Mara has zero tolerance for disrespect shown to the natural world and it's children, including community members, students, clients and members of the wider community. We ask apprentices in their practitioner year to follow and contribute to our code of ethics.

We do not ask any of our community members or students to hold specific spiritual beliefs, restrict nutritional intake or diet, take social or political stands or discuss the private medical health or choices of themselves or others. 

We understand that each of us has personal and unique lived experience and beliefs around each of the above are generally strongly founded on the above in combination with our personal spiritual connection and growth journey.