Foundation Healing Course

An in-depth foundation to safe healing and alignment practices within the realms of your own self-development, self-care and wellbeing routine.

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Energy Alignment

We cover the basics on aligning your energy centres and strengthening your connection with the cosmic and earth energies to help you ground and build a connection to your higher self. We explore energy cleansing and the safe opening of sacred space.


This course teaches you the basics of journeying, helping you to gently build up your confidence through live group practice and additional recorded journeys to support you between workshops. Here you learn to work with your spirit guides to gain a deeper insight into your own healing journey. 

Cycles, Ceremony and Sound

This course introduces you to the traditional ceremonies and celebrations with the ancient Irish ways. We will learn to embrace the energies of sacred earth and water, connect to our inner sacred song and learn to live within the natural cycles of the moon. 

A place of learning is best assessed by the opinions and progression of the students. 

Listen to some of the experiences shared by students who have sat around the community fire and continue to grow and heal at Teampall Croí na Mara.


Foundation Healing Course

Begin your journey of healing, self-development and growth today.

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