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Come journey with us, as we reconnect with the ancient tradition that's deeply interwoven with the divine feminine, the mother goddess who creates and sustains all life. We are a people connected with the land, where every field, hill, and valley is alive with stories of the Cailleach, and sacred wells honour Brigid.

The land itself holds magic, where healing plants grow, and elemental spirits roam free. Folk traditions passed down for generations have spoken of a thin veil between worlds, where the lakes and seas held passageways to the otherworld, and the depths of the cave prepared the clan's best champions for battle.

The trees are ancient wisdom keepers, the wells cleanse, heal, and bless, and the rivers carry prophetic messages between the worlds. These stories were not mere superstitions, but ways to explain the many events and experiences we encounter as we walk this land as human beings.

However, time has created a disconnect, separating us from the land, the stories, and ultimately, ourselves. But fear not, as our journey of return begins with i mBroinn an Mháthairdhia, meaning 'in the womb of the mother goddess.'

It's a four-part journey that blends self-led learning with online live circles, and culminates in one optional in-person day of training and initiation in May and September 2023. This is an opportunity to heal the disconnect, from the land, from the stories, and most importantly, from ourselves.

So come, join us in this journey of rediscovery, where we awaken our imagination and train ourselves to look for possibilities in every mundane moment in time. Let us become one with the land, the mother goddess, and ultimately, ourselves.


A Return Home

We are a people so deeply connected with the land, with an ancient tradition interwoven with the divine feminine, the divine mother that creates and sustains life. 

In every field, hill and valley, there are stories of the Cailleach, sacred wells in honour of Brigid. Stories and folk traditions that for generations were handed down, spoke of sacred healing plants, the good people, the elemental spirits, the thin veil that hangs lightly between the realms. 

The lakes and sea held passageways to the otherworld, the depths of cave prepared the clans best champions for battle. The trees are ancient wisdom keepers, the wells cleanse, heal and bless, the rivers carry prophetic messages between the worlds.

Time creates distance, and has created a disconnect for many of us. Not just from the stories and the land, but from the essence of what it is to be human here. 

Because the stories were not just stories. The folk traditions were not just superstitions. They are ways to explain the many events and experiences we can have as we walk this land as human beings. 

The land speaks to us, the trees teach us, the fields, hills and valleys tell stories of mythological creatures that stimulate our imagination and train us to look for possibilities, be creative and draw experience and learning from otherwise mundane moments in time. 

This is a journey to gently heal the disconnect. From the land, from the stories, from ourselves. i mBroinn an Mháthairdhia means 'in the womb of the mother goddess', and is a journey of return, to oneness with her and oneness with ourselves. 

This is a short, four-part journey that blends self-led learning with online live circles and one optional in-person day of training and initiation that will take place in May and September 2023. 



i mBroinn an Mháthairdhia...



This dynamic, blended journey covers the basic components of energy alignment and our place within the natural world. It is centred around our reconnection and alignment with mother earth and provides an introduction to the Irish Healing Arts traditions. 

Here you will:

    Learn To Journey & Connect With The Elements Of The Natural World Physically & Spiritually 
    Create A Safe Space To Heal & Grow within
    Learn Nature-Based Wellbeing Skills & Tools
    Build A Foundation Within The Healing Arts of Ireland


This journey is short, concise and profound. Our modules are self-paced with recorded transmissions of teachings and journeys that can be completed in your own space and time. Throughout your journey you have access to a forum where you can ask questions and expand on themes. You can also reach out at any time for further support. 


Once a month, on Saturday morning, a live circle takes place to explore themes deeper and support you with any questions or challenges you may have. During our circles we will also journey and work with the Irish goddesses throughout the year. Sessions will be recorded and available to watch back for participants unable to attend live.


In May and September, we have the opportunity to sit together within the land and elements in a sacred initiation and pilgrimage process with the elements and the Mother Goddess. These take place in the North-West of Ireland, in the abode of the ancestors. Attendance is optional but recommended for those who are guided to make the journey.



Welcome to an enriching journey that offers more than just a healing experience. After traversing through each segment of the journey, we will join together and provide a safe space for you to ask questions and receive additional support.

You'll get an exclusive 90-minute one-on-one session that will enable you to go on a transformative healing journey while also aligning with your inner self. During this time, you'll have the opportunity to engage in mentoring and explore any aspect of your journey that you'd like to discuss.

Upon completion of this journey, you'll receive a certificate of completion, which opens the door for you to participate in any future live circles, initiation ceremonies, or in-person training days to further deepen your experiences.

This journey is not only the foundation of our deeper Healing Arts training but also a powerful stand-alone process that helps you develop a personal relationship with ancient land energies and gain valuable skills to support your self-love journey. So, come and experience a journey that will transform you from the inside out.

"I have had one to ones with Lisa, done her priestess training and been on her women's circles. I find Lisa to be exceptional at holding space. There is a great level of safety and you feel like you're wrapped up in a cosy blanket.

That being said, it doesn't mean the healing journey was easy but it was facilitated in a very safe way which allowed you to go very deep. Lisa also checks in on you to see how you're getting on throughout. She has an extra level of caring and looks after you. The priestess course has been so enjoyable thus far. A lot of it is online but believe me you feel like you are with your sisters in person. And the in person sessions are even more beautiful and she attracts such beautiful people to her courses.

I find Lisa to be very authentic and it is reflected in the work she does. She has integrity and a gentle genuineness. Thank you Lisa!"


i mBroinn an Mháthairdhia




  • Four Online Self-Paced Modules 
  • Module One: Sacred Space & Journeying
  • Module Two: Journey Of Initiation With An Chailleach And Brigid
  • Module Three: Sacred Living & Ethical Practice
  • Module Four: The Path Of The Divine Child Initiation Journey
  • In-Person Training & Initiation (Optional) (See 2023 Dates Below)
  • Monthly Online Circle
  • Private Community Forum For Foundation Journey Participants
  • 90 Minute One-To-One Session 
  • Certificate Of Completion

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