The Winter Solstice Energy, Symbolism and Tradition

Dec 20, 2021

The Winter Solstice is the time of year when the earth’s axis is tilted farthest away from the sun. In the northern hemisphere, we celebrate it on the 21st of December. The Winter Solstice is an astronomical event, with the official date and time varying slightly each year. 

The word “Solstice” comes from the idea of the sun standing still. In ancient times, astronomers would observe the sun setting on the solstice, appearing not to rise again for three days. Over the three days, there would be an opportunity for vigils, ceremonies and prayers circles to be held in the hope that the sun would once again return to the earth, bringing light and hope back again to the community. On the third day, the sun would indeed rise between Sirius and the Orion. The Winter Solstice is often referred to as a celebration of light, a time of rebirth, hope and renewal. 

In Ireland, it is tradition to hold fire ceremonies for the community on this day. We celebrate the end of the period of darkness, and we welcome the period of light ahead.

In Mythological and ancient traditions, it is a handing over of power from the dark beings to the light beings. This is done in celebration, in harmony and gratitude as we reflect on the teachings and healings we receive from both aspects of life on earth and within ourselves.

Healing with the Dark

There is a tendency to shy away from darkness and think of it as negative or bad. Our ancestors, however, were very much aware of the beauty and gift of darkness. In our day to day lives, in times of darkness, there is rest; sleep, recuperation and opportunity to rebuild our energy and strength for the following day. There is opportunity to process events of the day and receive guidance and clarity through dream time. Darkness is a requirement to remain healthy and whole. 

As humans, we are borne out of the warmth and darkness of the womb into the light of the outside world. Spring is borne out of the darkness of winter, after a time of both rest and growth beneath the surface. All forms of life on this earth are borne out of darkness and enter the light. Why then might there be a fear the darkness?

Perhaps because there is a disconnection from the natural cycle of life, from the simple and ancient wisdom of finding blessings and growth in everything. Perhaps its a loss of perspective through generations of being taught of external demonic forces living within the shadows and the dark, instead of being taught that often, those forces are projections of our unhealed self, our shadow self or the collective shadow - not to be feared, but to be acknowledged compassionately, healed and released. 

The Winter Solstice reminds us that we do not need to hide from the darkness, just change our perspective of it. Observe it. Acknowledge its place in cosmic balance and harmony, to understand its role in the grand scheme of things, the balance it creates, the contrast it holds against the light, allowing us to heal the shadow aspects of ourselves, become more aware and connected to ourselves and the world around us and set healthy boundaries. 

The dark period of the year offers us a time to turn inwards, to reflect on our life, our experiences over the past year, our habits and lifestyle, the choices we have made. It offers us an invaluable time of reflection, a time when life slows down. It is a time of self-healing, self-care and self-love.

Energetic Guidance For This Winter Solstice 

The energy updates for the past few weeks have been carrying a similar message - we are in the midst of a time of huge transformation and transition. The level of release and integration of new energies and higher vibrations is occurring on a collective and global level on a scale that has not been experienced in a very long time. This is occurring within us and around us.

Throughout Samhain, we have been releasing old wounds, contracts, blocks and traumas within our being - allowing for time to rest and recuperate - and becoming more aware of the essence of our being and path for the cycle to come. 

As we approach the Solstice, there is a major shift occurring within the realms of our natural and energetic worlds. Old energies and beings that have been following old ways are rising too to be released from the denser energies and contracts of the past.

The concept of raising our consciousness and vibration for our personal benefit has never sat well with me. It feels like a redundant process to journey through human life to tick lessons off solely for personal gain. However the concept of being that bridge between the consciousnesses, anchoring high vibrations here on the physical plane to raise collectively the vibration and consciousness of the earth and our communities resonates much stronger as being a more sustainable way to affect positive change. 

As I observe other beings taking the opportunity to release and heal old contracts that held them to the physical plane, which added to the dense energies being felt by the collective, I feel it resonate more. The vibration of the earth is rising, and all beings, on all levels are being healing, challenged and presented with the opportunity to rise with it.

It is therefore the time to practice managing your frequency, vibration and electro-magnetic fields, to eventually master moving between frequencies and densities with ease and without attachment.

This is done by being consistent in your journey of self-healing, allowing them time to release and heal as aspects arise. It involves continuing to work deeply on your lower energy centres that connect and earth you. It involves having the courage to sit with the heavier emotions and energies, heal from there and learn to take yourself out of those places and into a lighter state of being. 

The Winter Solstice is an astronomical event deeply connected to the skies and the events that are perceived from the Earth. It is a time of trust, hope and deep connection from within to the skies. Embrace this moment as an opportunity to deepen your connection with your higher self, your guides and the stars.