Ancestral Healing Workshop

Healing and honouring our Ancestral Lines within the teachings of Samhain.

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2 Day Online Workshop 

This workshop takes place on 30th and 31st October on zoom. 


Participants will have private access to recordings of the journeys and meditations from the live workshops. 

Healing in Community

During the workshops you have the opportunity to interact with other participants and heal any ancestral blocks or trauma arising at the moment for you. 

"I would highly recommend Lisa! Her work is fantastic, pure and from the heart! Very in tune readings and her journeys with the land work are next level!"

Medicine Man and Shamanic Practitioner

Workshop Overview

The Ancestral Healing Workshop is a two day intensive healing workshop to release ancestral grief, blocks, energies or emotions that may be preventing us from moving forward in our own lives.

Over the two days we set the intention to heal the blocks that are relevant and affecting our lives right now, to honour our ancestors and their teachings and to heal any aspects within our lineage which are arising to be healed and released. 

This workshop also focuses on honouring our ancestral guides and predecessors, incorporating the teachings and traditions of Samhain.

This workshop will take place on the following dates:
30th October 2021 from 10am to 2pm (Irish time)
31st October 2021 from 10am to 2pm (Irish time)

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